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JOIN SKY, NICK, ROSS, RED, AND MAX AS THEY PLAY COPS N ROBBERS, IN THIS SMASH BROS THEMED EPISODE!Friends ChannelsNick – Ross – Max – Red – Follow me on these things!Music used in this intro is by KevinMacleod at Music UsedNoiseStorm - Airwaves NoiseStorm - Renegade Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - I am a founding member of Hey recruits, welcome back to another Minecraft Cops n Robbers! For today’s Cops n Robbers episode, SkyDoesMinecraft is joined by SGCBarbierian, House_Owner, Mithzan, and RedVacktor, and they’re playing a Super Smash Bros theme! We have Sky as Little Mac, Max as Rosalina, Red as Luigi, Ross as…Pikmin? And finally, Nick as the warden Mario. Little Mac won’t stop calling Pikim Elmo, and everyone keeps calling Rosalina Elsa. Pikmin starts throwing down with Little Mac when he calls him out for being less cool because his game isn’t even named after him. Rosalina (*cough* Elsa *cough*) is getting pretty angry about these Elsa accusations, so he blows a hole in the floor of the prison – then falls through it. Mario passes his warden duties onto his brother Luigi, and Little Mac gets to the boat to find that it’s more of a canoe these days, Elsa having, ironically, burned the sails down. Elsa aka Rosalina aka Elsa has broken down the path to the boat and they have no way to get down – luckily, Pikmin has ladders. He helpfully throws them off the tower. Elsa keeps killing Little Mac before he can get to the boat, going into creative mode and flying around, shooting him with arrows. Little Mac makes it to about two feet away from escaping, and Elsa kills him again. Little Mac keeps dying, so he asks Rosalina and Luma to teleport him to them, but they decline, so Little Mac asks Luigi what powers he has – turns out his greatest skill is giggling. Elsa is wrecking Little Mac, spawning dragons, and generally making the game unwinnable, so Little Mac bans him. Still, Little Mac cannot make it to the finish line and meanwhile, Mario is stuck in the basement of the prison, fixing pipes. Just as Little Mac approaches his goal, Max shows up in Sky’s studio and attacks. That’s it for this Minecraft Cops n Robbers, Super Smash Bros edition! Thanks for watching!

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