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10 Insane Houses That Defy Gravity

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Get more Tips here! A house built on the safety of solid ground isn’t enough for some adventurous home owners. Anything for the privilege of calling their domicile truly unique. So here are some of the most wondrous creations inspired by those daring people.1. The Log HouseThe house was purchased by a Russian lumber baron and convicted gangster. He used his vast lumber reserves to build add-ons to the home that kept climbing toward the sky. Eventually, the Log House reached a shocking 144 feet tall.2. Heliotrope Rotating HouseYes, this house does actually rotate! Designed to make the most of the sunlight during the winter and summer and is entirely solar powered, the Heliotrope Rotating House spins to catch the rays most efficiently throughout the year.3. The Floating CastleThe common theory behind the home supported by a single steel cantilever, was that it once was used to house mineral fertilizers. However, aside from that, there is a total lack of origin story or information about the architect which has created a mythos about this disused Ukrainian home.4. Habitat 67Montreal’s world-famous apartment building is instantly recognizable for its seemingly scattershot design. In fact, the architectural achievement is meticulously designed to give each apartment the maximum amount of space. In fact, every unit has their own separate patio.5. Pod HouseThese vaulted homes might look like they were inspired by The Jetsons, but they were, in fact, supposedly inspired by Queen Anne’s Lace, the weed that’s so common in the Northeast.6. Villa KogelhofVilla Kogelhof in the Netherlands was designed to be entirely energy neutral, meaning that it produces just as much energy as it consumes. The fact that it’s stunningly beautiful is just icing on the green cake.7. Korowai Tree HousesCheck out the Korowai Tree Houses of Papua, New Guinea. Or maybe, don’t. The Korowai are the last known functioning tribe of cannibals! Some of these tree houses sit as high as 140 feet in the air and can house up to 12 people with animals. This is done to avoid local insects and remain somewhat hidden. In fact the Korowai weren't discovered until the 1970s.8. Cliff HouseAn Australian architectural company is still looking for the right homeowner willing to take on the Cliff House, a concept design that’s meant to give the impression of floating in a vast expanse of space. 9. ShadowcliffShadowcliff is situated in a small town in rural Wisconsin. The splendidly-designed glass box is suspended over scenic Lake Ellison, providing breathtaking views of the countryside.10. The Balancing BarnPanoramic views of the English countryside were the inspiration for the silver-plated Balancing Barn. Nestled at the edge of an English nature reserve, the Balancing Barn serves as a hotel for those looking to take in the sights while visiting the UK. Which of these houses did you like the most?Comment Below!

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